Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Attitudes, Values and Strategy

I see lots of children not performing well. Many parents feel that it is the heredity or the genes children inherit that count. When I underwent teachers' training in the seventies, my psychology professor did say,
"Talent without training is ability lost,
Training without talent is labour lost"
I remember, we debated on this issue over days. Ultimately we concluded that both heredity and environment are important in the making of a kid.

But my experiences as a teacher have proved it the other way. Genes do count in deciding the performance but they are not everything.

Today, I tell in parents' meetings, "Help your kid develop right mental make up, right values and right strategy". How can it happen? Do we have some simple means? The answer is in the affirmative. To put the strategy in a nutshell,
  1. Praise, support and encourage your kid. Keep warm relations. Inspire your kid and build up self-esteem.
  2. Teach your kid, don't blame. Negative approaches always fail.
  3. Keep assessing your child's strengths and provide varied opportunities.
  4. Teach your kid techniques of relaxation, concentration and performing with greater efficiency.
  5. Remind your child of success and steps to it.

Never goad your child with bribes, guilt, fear of failure, unhealthy competitive spirit, revenge or shortcuts.


Anonymous said...

very good article.....thanks professor learnt a lot from it

Anonymous said...

the article is very informative and encouraging.........
sir can you please help me in knowing that how to keep my calm and keep going in inculcating good values in my child in the presence of my overbearing in-laws who don't have any other work except interference in the right upbringing