Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Is your child gifted?

Talented children are a challenge as well as a mystery. They give their parents and teachers a taste of genius. Such children need to be seen in a fresh light. Whatever be the talent - sports, maths, art, dance, music, oratory - they deserve to be nurtured well.

If the schools fail to recognise their special talent, they may begin to hate the school. Give them tasks in fields where they are strong. May be Smitha has long artistic fingers! Get her a sketch pad, water colours and brushes. Appreciate her work and encourage her to explore her abilities in that field. Satwik might have nimble fingers that are dance on the organ keys. Present him an musical organ

Kids spend most of their time in play. Let them enjoy - that is how they sharpen their intellect, learn to cope up with situations and develop their potential in skill management.

Gifted children need a lot of exposure to the outside world. If you want child's talents to flourish, you have to devote lot of time. Ensure constant support to the child in the special field of activity.

What children need the most is love. Make sure the child is really happy. Be a facilitator and provide for the needed resources. Take the child to people who may be of help. Let the child see other people at work. He or she may draw inspiration from that.

At times the school staff may not co-operate to the expected level. They may face the brunt of impossible questions from the child. Their extra-ordinary behaviour may baffle the administration. But if you liaise, things may turn to be different.

Let your kid have plenty of friends and other interests too. This will insure against possible disappointments.

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