Saturday, April 01, 2006

How to bring up your dream child ?

Children are the future of our families. They are the flag bearers of tomorrow's world. We forget our kids in our busy schedule. Parents should be prepared to devote quite an amount of time for the upbringing of their kids. Some of the major responsibilities of the parents have been detailed out here below for a quick reference :

  • Meet all the basic needs of your children.
  • Make home and school a happy place.
  • Provide them space to play, work, create and enjoy.
  • Remember they need time for free play.
  • Be their role models.
  • Get them needed playthings, books and all other requirements.
  • Be impartial while dealing with kids.
  • Expose them to a wider environment -Give them relevant information.
  • Provide them with a variety of stimuli. Give concrete experiences.
  • Pay attention to house keeping.
  • Devote time for play with your child.
  • Find something to praise - Be positive in your approach.
  • Teach them the right habits and values. Develop positive thinking.
  • Establish an atmosphere of trust. Respect their privacy.
  • Step in their shoes and act. Choose their peer groups carefully.
  • Lookout for major personality changes. Keep track of the growth and development of your children.

Refrain from the following :

  • Laughing at inappropriate behaviour.
  • Subjecting them to solitary confinement or leaving kids alone in the house.
  • Punishing children physically or groundless threatening.
  • Having too many taskmasters.
  • Dependence on servants.
  • Labeling the child.
  • Subjecting the child to adverse stimuli.
  • Starving the child.
  • Inconsistent behaviour on the part of the parents.
  • Instant meeting of all demands.
  • Leveling sarcastic remarks and repeated nagging.
  • Goading the child with guilt or fear.
  • Parents quarreling in the presence of the child.


Soumya said...
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Soumya said...

Hello Uncle

My Name is Soumya , i'm a Mother of
18 months old boy Chirag.

I just loved your blog. Every word is registering in my mind.

I'll be a regular visitor to your blog.

Thank You So Much

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