Wednesday, April 05, 2006

How to enable kids overcome shyness?

Do you know 40% of the children are shy by nature? Shyness in adults can be traced to their childhood.

Shy children do not like to participate in co-curricular activities and group discussions. They like to stay aloof. They try to remain on the fringes whenever they have to join others at play.

It is not that easy to identify shy children. Often their parents and teachers may be unaware of it. Many bullies may be actually shy and aggressiveness may be a cover up.

My neighbour the five year old Anil doesn't like to talk to guests at all. But he gets into the kitchen or bedroom and starts kicking all the objects there.

Never label your kids as shy. Children may start behaving diffrently then. Shy people are their own worst critics. Shy children don't like criticism they seek encouragement.

12 year old Mira was shy by nature. She was not interested in co-curricular activities. She was almost an isolate. Her parents approached me. After a detailed study of the case, I came to the decision that the child was in her own make believe world. She had maintained all her notebooks neat and clean. In studies she was above average. I was determined to bring her to the main stream somehow. I discussed the matter with her parents She was assigned the job of tutoring another child in the neighbourhood. She was successful in that. The respect she earned boosted her ego. There onwards she never looked back.

Classroom teachers can play a wonderful role in this regard. I used to ask shy children only such questions for which I was sure they knew the answer. Then they would be comfortable in answering before the class.

Get playmates into your home instead of sending the child to play in somebody's house. They can be younger than your child. Then your child will be able to play a lead role without much hesitation.

Enroll your children in clubs and organisations which suit their interests.

Your support and understanding nature play a vital role in enabling them shed their shyness.

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