Sunday, April 09, 2006

Parents role in their kid's schooling years

The math teacher of class VI handed over the marks sheet of the periodical test to me. As usual the teacher's comment was that the children are not putting in the required efforts. No doubt, she was a duty bound lady ! A superficial study of the score sheet did not reveal much. It needed a diagnostic study. I discussed the issue with the teacher and pinned down the problem to a few specific areas, such as

  • How many kids are sure of multiplication tables?
  • How many kids are regular in submitting their homework?
  • How many kids maintain their classworks neatly?
  • Do children concentrate in the class?
  • Do kids have a reasonably high motivation level to learn math?

The survey went on and I thought that the conclusions may have a bearing on other classes too. An alarming number of children were not sure of multiplication tables. But the teacher was hardly in a position to devote time for drilling math tables. We decided to take the help of parents. We called and asked them to insist on their children to learn the tables. The parents were eager to extend a helping hand. The deadline too was set. The teachers followed up the progress of the kids in the class.

The result was remarkable. The message to the children was clear.They understood that they won't be let off scotfree if they don't learn.

If somehow the children miss learning a basic tool in school, it has to be made good at home. The school should never hesitate to ask parents to extend a helping hand wherever necessary. The parents too must be ever willing to extend a helping hand to the school staff to bring out the best in their kids.

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